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What my clients have to say:

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"When I finished writing The Girl Who Found Christmas, I knew I needed a special illustrator. It was my incredible good fortune that I found Dayne Sislen. I told her that I had written about a little girl who was practically exploding with energy and joy. I wondered if Dayne could capture that in an illustration. I couldn’t picture it – I just knew what I was hoping to find. 

     Dayne surprised me and supported my dream every inch of the way. She captured everything from Belinda’s cat to her tree farm adventure and brought all of it to life. In both color (in the ebook format) and black and white (in the large, storybook format). I was a beginner and had no idea how lucky I was.

     Anyone who is writing a children’s book and looking for a truly great illustrator, look for my friend Dayne Sislen."

Barbara Escher

Author of The Girl Who Found Christmas

This book is available on Amazon and Barnes and

Cover of picture book The Cow Cocoon

Due to the limited word counts of children's books, the illustrations become equally if not more important to convey the message. Dayne was able to bring our story to life. She was not just our illustrator but our partner. She provided valuable insight and wisdom throughout the process. Dayne is a passionate illustrator and we are so grateful that we were able to work with her on our first book. 

Rachel Nolen and Maria Price

"The Cow Cocoon"

"The printed books are beautiful, Dayne. Your artwork made all the difference. Who wouldn't want to read a book that that amazing cover?."


-Sharon Jones, Author

"Little Dreamer" chapter book

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Grandma and Gigi remember.jpg

Dayne created beautiful, heartwarming illustrations with expressive attention to every detail for my children's book, "Gigi and Grandma Remember". It was a pleasure working with such a talented, insightful and professional illustrator." 

Maggie Konopa
Children's Book Author

Theres a Mouse On My Head!.jpg

"Dayne helped to bring my book to life. She was the driving force to making sure everything was finished right on deadline for There's a Mouse on My Head!

Donna Warwick
Children's Book Author

"Dayne had a vision for Shark Dentists and Other Stories from the start. She created winning characters to accompany the story and provided excellent guidance on the layout. I am glad I found Dayne, and can't imagine how this book would have come together without her."


-Stephanie Krell

Intelligent Design Press, LLC

"... a great big thank you to Dayne, for without her "Tearless Trips to the Hospital" wouldn't have been possible"

Kathy Balmer
Children's Book Author

Madeline Deliah.png

"I absolutely loved working with Dayne. She was patient with me and helped me bring my characters to life. It was a great experience!

La Tisha Honor
Author of Teen Roach 

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"I jump at the chance to work with Dayne, it's amazing to watch any idea come to life under her pencil. Her talent is boundless, and she is a lot of fun"

Liz Sullivan
Art Director 

"Dayne brought the magic 
needed to my character
Madeline Delilah. 
I love working with her."

Mariah Richardson
Playwright, Actor and Children's Book Author
Ladue New article about Dayne Sislen Children's book Illustrator
Dont be a Pig in a Panic.jpg

"I love the illustrations Dayne made for me. Without her guidance, my fun book would have never been finished"

Liela Leidtke
Children's book author

"You are the best! Thanks for taking the time to make everything right for me. I love the logo and received nothing but positive feedback on how it represents what I wanted for my company.

Legani Games LLC 

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